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Now advertisement techniques are changing in Dubai and that is the reason outdoor signage Dubai are changing their way to modern signage. Many of the companies are following approach of attractive light emitting signs for the outdoor and indoor purpose. Specifically the bigger business men which have wide business are using this technique. On the other hand smaller business men are also getting these advertisements. These signs boost the business up and very cost effective also because these stay for longer period of time and irresistible.

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Neon is using in the signage from a long period of time as compare to LED signs. Here are some of the more differences in Neon and LED which you can see before selecting any kind of lighting. Both have some of the differences which are:

LED lights are cheaper to purchase as compare to neon lights although you can select for best quality depending upon the need of the advertisement.

Neon signs stay for longer period of time but they are not changeable or reusable again because once they are expired they could not get change. As comparison to LED lights which are changeable and love to use in different colors by customers.

  • Brightness of LED signs are maximum that is why signs are clear to the audience as compare to Neon lights because neon lights are very dull and Not look that much attractive.
  • Neon lights look very sophisticated and illuminated with various unique colors.
  • Maintenance of the neon lights is easy because it contain small tubes that get refilled and give the light so they are easy comparing to LED lights which cannot be maintain and make the sign ugly.
  • Neon lights can be placed on the big building due to their sensitivity because they can easily breakable as compare to LED lights which gives the customers more relaxation in every environment. We provide you every solution because we are best in our services.

We are providing both Neon and LED signs to the customers. We are making thousands of satisfied customers in the market. We offer best quality neon signs and LED signs for every business men in Dubai so that your signs grow the client's rate and you get the boost in all your selling products. We have top notch facilities including maintenance which is easy for you now.