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Interactive Kiosks - Interactive Kiosks Company in Dubai

This purpose is well-served by the different types of kiosks that are employed by various businesses for faster sales and for cutting some major costs like shop maintenance, rent, staff compensation etc. Kiosks have recently grown interactive for enabling the customers to find a solution to all their problems on the go. Signage Dubaiholds a credibility of 5 years and above for designing interactive kiosks for all types of businesses hence helping them establish the brand in a faster and unforgettable way.

Signage Dubai Interactive kiosks are perfect to be installed within huge shopping malls where there are hundreds of customers waiting to be attended with the same courtesy as that provided to the other customers. Our kiosks are not only functionally interactive but are all visually attractive that will make your customers stand and look at them at least for once. We design these interactive outlets for providing the following services:

  • Internet commerce
  • Banking services
  • Telecom services
  • Bill payment
  • Information provision
  • Product promotion and advertisement
  • Free sampling
  • Ticketing
  • Online sale and purchase
For all these services, Signature Dubai provides the designing and installation services for the following types of interactive kiosks:

These kiosks are designed such that they put forward a product in a dynamic manner and convince the customers to avail the new deals, hence promoting the product packages as a whole. It also enables the customers to order the product there and then using the specific features provided on the kiosks.

These kiosks are set up for different kinds of services that can otherwise consume a lot of time when manual outlets are set up for them. Self-service kiosks are getting popular and you will find many of these installed in various commercial areas.

These kiosks are basically for providing important info to the customers regarding the different businesses being run under one roof. You will often find these installed in many of the shopping malls of Dubai where they are used for informing the customers about the place and also about the products and services they can avail with some special offers.

These kiosks can be called as mini stores that have all the facilities required for making the purchase convenient for the customers. They are difficult to manage but once installed successfully, they can work wonders for boosting your business with Signage Dubai.

These kiosks come with the internet facility integrated that the users can avail for buying products electronically in minimum time. The best thing about these kiosks is that the company is managing it directly and all your queries and demands will be dealt timely and in the most professional manner.